Enhancing Ruminant Health
For more information 1-800-265-8335
For more information 1-800-265-8335

Our Story

LFI was started in the 1980's just outside of Guelph. 

Molasses in cow feed is something that dates from your grandparents. They may have bought a barrel of it from the Co-op and top dressed forage in the manger. The company’s two products consisted of a lick tank product and one applied in the silo when silage was being blown in or packed. We delivered with a couple of small trucks. 

“We exclusively source high quality sugarcane molasses and also blend in locally sourced corn by-products to provide nutritionally sound products for Canadian dairy and beef producers.”

The building years

We moved to our current location in Innerkip, just north-east of Woodstock, in the late 1980’s and built our own tank farm and mixing facility to better blend products to meet the needs of our customers.

A lot has changed in dairy since then. These changes include knowledge of ruminant nutrition, improved quality of forages, the process for mixing the ration, and understanding about the use of starch and sugar in the rumen. Based on these changes, while we still continue with the couple of products from our founding, the majority of our products now go directly into the TMR mixer or into the feed bowl in the milking robot.

While some aspects of research continue as they have through the last 50 years. Trial and error through many studies has helped narrow down factors which positively influence animal health and productivity.

Cheryl and Ross Mitchell bought the business from Glen and Ruth Ann Gregory in 2015. Cheryl had been working there for 4 years when the opportunity to purchase arose. Ross is a retired CPA, having spent most of his working life in public accounting, before retiring and returning to the family farm to farm with his brother. 

Prepared for the future

For over 30 years, LFI has been providing molasses based liquid feed supplements to dairy cattle, beef cattle and the feed mill industry. We are 9 people dedicated to helping farmers with better nutrition and productivity in their ruminants.