Enhancing Ruminant Health
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For more information 1-800-265-8335


Enhanced Nutrition

LFI can deliver a complete supplemental package into a full range of sheep diets. Specific products are formulated to meet the changing needs of pregnant and lactating sheep. Liquid feed supplements can provide supplemental protein, macro and micro minerals, vitamins and additives needed by sheep.

Enhancing intake consistency during the dry period helps sheep transition more smoothly into lactation, providing the necessary energy density during transition to minimize pregnancy toxemia.

Diet Uniformity & Improved Palatability

When liquid feed supplements are included in total mix rations, components with varied particle size and density are held in place. Trace nutrients and additives contained in LFI liquid are distributed evenly throughout the ration enhancing performance and reducing the risk of potential digestive upsets.

Reduced Feed Waste

Balanced nutrition is critical to herd health, performance, and reproductive efficiency. LFI supplements aid in tying up ration fines, masking off-odors and can maintain consistent intakes providing for better rumen function, better additive utilization and improved flock health.