Enhancing Ruminant Health
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The function of molasses and sugars in the ruminant diet has been studied for many years. Molasses was first extracted from the sugar refining process in the mid-19th century. Since then, refiners have been looking for markets for molasses, and animal feed has been an important component of that.

Like research in many areas, even after a couple of generations, while there are aspects that have become well known, there are others less well known. We still do not understand what form of “sugar” is most beneficial and in what nutritional circumstances.

Included below are a selection of articles and research studies relating to sugar and molasses, from basic considerations to an atomic level view.

The economic costs of ration sorting

Published in Progressive Dairy April 2022,  by Sydney Moore and Casey Havekes

How do we reduce feed sorting and the associated economic impact? Feed costs are the highest expense on dairy farms, so ensuring the total mixed ration (TMR) is being consumed correctly, and feed waste is limited, is very important.

by John Goeser

Hoard's Dairyman November 2021 Article 

Whether it’s the celebrated song rooted in tradition coming through the loudspeakers prior to the football stadium, the crack of the bat for a hit with bases loaded in a tightly contested playoff baseball game, a slam-dunk by the superstar during a momentous run in a basketball game, or a golfer sinking a critical putt on the 18th green to win a tournament… each of these situations will ignite a crowd.