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For more information 1-800-265-8335

Tanks & Pumps

Total Feed Application Systems

Designed and built by LFI specifically for molasses use.

Available for use in TMR, Robots and Forage applications. 

Installation can usually be completed in a few hours and includes a tank(s) and pump(s), all set up as needed - turnkey from start to finish.

Tank and pump sizes are determined by many factors; such as your daily use rate of the liquid molasses product, available space for tank in the barn or feed room, and customer location etc.

Your LFI installation specialist along with your sales representative will decide on the best fit for you.

The tank dimensions below include the cone bottom stand.

500 US gal.     2.5 MT.   52" wide x 92" high

1000 US gal.   4.5 MT.   64" wide x 112" high  

1490 US gal.   6.5 MT.   64" wide x 146" high  

2500 US gal. 11.3 MT.    91" wide x 122" high

Note: All cone and flat bottom tanks and pumps remain the property of LFI.