Enhancing Ruminant Health
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For more information 1-800-265-8335

The Sweet Secret to Surviving the new 2023 SNF:BF Quota Ratios

As of Feb.1, 2023, the NS, NB and ON dairy boards have announced a change in the solid non-fat to butterfat ratio (SNF:BF) decreasing the maximum eligible payment from 2.25 to 2.20. To fully understand what this entails, let's break down what this ratio means. 

Heat stress is a major issue impacting the dairy industry and many other production animals as well. So how do we prevent it? While we can’t control the climate/ weather there are some strategies we can implement to give our animals the best shot at surviving and even thriving in hotter conditions!

Managing high-straw dry cow diets

Progressive Dairy - October 13, 2022 by Trevor DeVries

Maintaining dry matter intake pre-calving by feeding a high-straw diet with proper straw chop length, as well as adding water and molasses, will help keep transition cows healthy through post-calving.

Sugar coat your ration

  Adding sugar to the diet changes the population of microbes and can increase the production of microbial protein. This microbial protein is then used by the cow as it is an excellent source of amino acids (protein) that can be used for milk production.

Providing the right amount of amino acids to the udder for milk protein synthesis is the main objective of a feeding program. Since ruminal microbial protein is similar to the amino acid composition of milk protein, maximizing microbial protein synthesis in the rumen is the most effective approach to boost milk protein production. This article discusses three feeding management practices and nutritional strategies for improving milk protein yield and content.

Sugar vs Starch: Understanding the Difference in Dairy Cow Rations

One way to enhance DMI and lessen the risk of ruminal acidosis through the diet is to increase the proportion of sugar in the diet. Sugar, in particular molasses, is known to be very palatable and has the potential to improve rumen function and health.