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For more information 1-800-265-8335

Haylage 10 Forage Solutions

Haylage 10 utilizes the high natural sugar content of molasses and corn sweeteners to get your fermentation off to a quick start. Haylage 10 has 30% sugars (on a 50% DM) that are designed to feed the natural bacteria in the forage. Haylage 10 is typically applied to the hay either by being blown in or packed in the bunk although some customers apply it directly in the field as the haylage is blown onto trucks.


Why Haylage 10?

  • Sugars immediately available to bacteria
  • Spare natural haylage sugars
  • Higher quality haylage
  • Increased NDF digestibility

Benefits of Haylage 10

  • A Forage Fermentation Enhancer blended with high sugarcane molasses.
  • Formulated to improve fermentation by enhancing bacterial activity.
  • At the blower or in the bunk, HAYLAGE 10 improves fermentation and the feed value of haylage!
  • HAYLAGE 10 is designed to feed the natural bacteria in the forage.
  • With high molasses sugars, HAYLAGE 10 stimulates bacterial action and helps retain the natural nutritional profile.
  • Lets you feed a sweeter more palatable haylage. HAYLAGE 10 improves feed keeping quality and bunk life...palatability and nutritional values!
  • Use your own equipment or LFI can supply both storage tanks and the applicator pumps.

Haylage Treatment Calculator

Application Rate: (per tonne of haylage)
1.5% - added 11.5 litres/tonne of haylage
2.0% - added 15.9 litres/tonne of haylage
2.5% - added 19.2 litres/tonne of haylage
3.0% - added 23.1 litres/tonne of haylage
3.5% - added 26.9 litres/tonne of haylage
Use higher rates with drier haylage