Enhancing Ruminant Health
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For more information 1-800-265-8335


Promix - TMR Solutions. A blend of molasses, protein and other soluble carbohydrates. A variety of solutions to handle any of your needs, each specific to your haylage to corn silage ratio used in your TMR.

TMR Enhancers and Supplements

  • Promix 6-33 TMR
  • Promix 10-25 TMR
  • Promix 12-20 TMR
  • Promix 15-15 TMR
  • Promix 20-20 TMR
  • Promix 25-20 TMR
  • Promix Dairy Gold
  • Promix Dry Cow
  • Palatable molasses based feed
  • Provides sugar energy
  • Helps reduce sorting
  • Increase feed efficiency
  • Increase dry matter intakes
Adding custom blend molasses products to your TMR provides many benefits in the form of ration conditioning. Animals consume more NDF and DMI.

Promix 6-33 TMR Solutions

6% Protein, 33% Sugars

Promix 10-25 TMR Solutions

10% Protein, 25% Sugars

Promix 12-20 TMR Solutions

12% Protein, 20% Sugars

Promix 15-15 TMR Solutions

15% Protein, 15% Sugars

Promix 20-20 TMR Solutions

20% Protein, 20% Sugars

Promix 25-20 TMR Solutions

25% Protein, 20% Sugars

Promix Dairy Gold TMR Solutions

Looking to add minerals to your feed? Click here.

Promix Dry Cow TMR Solutions

Increase dry matter intake to prepare the rumen for calving,  read more here.