Enhancing Ruminant Health
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For more information 1-800-265-8335


Find the attached University of Guelph webinar from April 2021 entitled the Transition Cow Trifecta. The Trifecta is the overlap of health, nutrition and reproduction for transition cows and why it is important to address these. The webinar contains sections by each of Dr Trevor DeVries, Dr Stephen Leblanc and Dr Eduardo Ribeiro reflecting the results of research they have completed in recent years.

The importance of the issue is highlighted at about 4 minutes in by Dr Devries. He then goes on at about 8 minutes as to how he is addressing diseases, issues using a high straw dry cow diet and later to precision feeding in a robotic milking environment.

Dr Ribeiro reports on the impact of the incidences of disease and multiple incidences at about 32 minutes.