Haylage 10


Haylage 10 utilizes the high natural sugar content of molasses and corn sweeteners to get your fermentation off to a quick start. Haylage 10 has 30% sugars (on a 50% Dry Matter Basis) that provide the natural bacteria in the forages to get started in the fermentation process.

Why 42% Liquid Protein Supplement


42% LIQUID PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT is a unique blend of sugar energy from molasses combined with slow release protein. It is a molasses based free choice supplement with protein, vitamins, phosphorus and selenium that provides additional protein and energy when the current forage program does not provide enough energy and protein for the desired rate of gain/growth.


• Provides essential minerals, vitamins and selenium

• It’s ideal as a FREE CHOICE supplement on pasture or confined     feeding programs for both summer and winter

• Provides sugars to optimize fibre and digestion

• Contains slow release protein similar to that of soybean meal

• Provides the required combination of protein and energy needed for optimum growth

• Free Choice feeding allows heifers that need it, to get it

• Ideal for replacement heifers and far-off dry cows





Contains timed release protein
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