Silage 50 & 90


 Silage 50 is a blend of molasses, sugars and protein which speeds up the rate of fermentation while adding a low cost protein, embedded with the corn silage. It is designed to be fed in a silage/haylage diet where not as much protein is necessary.


Silage 90 is a blend of molasses, sugars and protein designed to speed up the fermentation during the ensiling process. In addition, the 90% crude protein level increases the corn silage protein level by 2.5% - 5.0% (depending on amount applied)

Maximize feed value and quality of your corn silage



  • Adds low cost protein, increase from 2.5% - 5.0%

  • Feed ‘NPN’ as a blended part of the silage

  • Improves silage fermentation and quality

  • Reduces or eliminates silage heating

  • Increase DMI, utilization and digestion

  • Eliminates waste and bunk spoilage

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