Andre Kroondyke, Belmont

Dave Wagler, Green Acres,  New Hamburg

42% Liquid Protein Supplement


"We have been using 42% for the past 12 years and wouldn't want to use anything else. Having the 42% available 24/7 allows heifers of all sizes the opportunity to access the molasses. With the additional protein and molasses available, our heifers grow faster and conceive better."

Custom Dairy Gold & Haylage 10


"We have been using a variety of LFI products for the last two years. Custom Dairy Gold has reduced sorting and cows have healthier, shiny coats. Cows are also coming into heat quicker. Haylage10 at the time of filling the bunker gives the cows a sweeter well fermented feed.” 

LFI Products


"I have used LFI for 3 summers in my fresh cow TMR. It has paid off greatly for us and worth the investment. It allows us to make the diet denser in energy as well as increasing dry matter intake since fresh cows have a hard enough time matching up their intakes to their milk production. 

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